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Catherine Chang CPDC, LL.B., B.Math


I'm a Certified Career, Performance and Leadership Coach with over 20 years of professional experience in the legal environment.  Having worked as a corporate lawyer, Director of Student Programs, and Director of Alumni Relations at a large Bay Street firm, I have extensive experience helping lawyers and students navigate the legal landscape and chart their individual career paths. In addition, I have coached a wide variety of non-law clients at various stages of their career, including business executives, entrepreneurs, medical professionals and students (graduate and undergraduate).


A Certified Professional Diversity Coach with a Leadership & Inclusion Certification, I have additional training in Brain Based Conversation Skills. Understanding the brain and the neuroscience behind insight-driven coaching conversations and habit building helps me coach more effectively.

I am passionate about helping individuals tap into their authentic self, and realize their own power in directing their path.



Support That Makes a Difference


Looking to improve your performance or leadership skills?Create your own narrative, build your confidence, and fortify your resilience. Use your unique talents  to maximize performance and be a more effective leader.


Exploring  a career change,  looking for a job, reaching for a promotion, or settling into a new role? What next? Need help getting unstuck?Find your career purpose, tap into your authentic self, and realize your own power in directing your path.


My Certified Professional Diversity Coach (CPDC) certification and Leadership & Inclusion Certification, as well as my experience leading diversity organizational initiatives, gives me unique expertise in this area.

I’m here to help you clarify and achieve your goals. Contact me to find out more.



Catherine helped me navigate the challenges of work at a corporate law firm downtown, and was a caring listener and constant source of valuable insight and guidance on my career ambitions and personal aspirations. ...I am very thankful to Catherine for her dedication to helping me flourish personally and professionally, and I could not speak more highly of her as a mentor and coach.

~ JC, 2015 Call

~ GB, Recent Law Graduate



~ Lawyer (2011 call)

Catherine has been incredibly helpful in my efforts to better define my career goals and my expectations for my career trajectory. Catherine has also been very effective in helping me to better understand and navigate in-firm politics and she assisted me in developing the tools and strategies that I need to better approach critical career-related conversations with more senior members of my firm. I would recommend Catherine's services without hesitation to anyone that needs a calm but effective coach to assist them with their career-related goals and challenges.

I came into the coaching process not knowing what to expect but hoping to get some help figuring out what was holding me back professionally and how to get my career on a more positive track. Catherine exceeded my expectations in all respects. She is a terrific coach who genuinely cares about helping people realize their career goals. I feel she helped me tremendously, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help navigating their career. 

~ Lawyer (2015 call)

Catherine was the first person I spoke to that understood my concerns about diversity on Bay St. and in the legal profession. Catherine helped me navigate the challenges of work at a corporate law firm downtown, and was a caring listener and constant source of valuable insight and guidance on my career ambitions and personal aspirations. She was also a leading supporter and advocate of my work for the Black Law Students Association of Canada while on Bay St. 

Catherine helped give me the confidence to embark on a new path... I am very thankful to Catherine for her dedication to helping me flourish personally and professionally, and I could not speak more highly of her as a coach.

~ Lawyer (2015 call)

I wanted to make a significant pivot in my career but didn't know where to start. Catherine's approach to coaching is thoughtful, practical and inspiring. She helped me to understand where I wanted to go, generate new ideas on how to get there, and most importantly, take action.  I can't recommend her highly enough!

~ Lawyer (2014 Call)

Catherine as a career coach has been a refreshing and empowering experience. Her approach to career development is thorough, authentic, and tailored to your needs. I often joked that her sessions felt like therapy counselling, because  her calm presence and engaging questions, constantly challenged me to think deep about what I wanted from my career and life.

Catherine exemplifies what it is to be a coach. She listens, encourages, and guides you in finding success. I appreciate the fresh perspective Catherine brings, and I wholeheartedly recommend her career coaching.

~ Business Analyst, MBA

Catherine gave me the confidence, outlook, and practical skills necessary to navigate the formal recruitment process. She is kind, insightful, empathetic, receptive, and smart, and her expansive knowledge of the interview process was an asset to me. I came to Catherine not having received a second year summer position through formal recruits for four major Canadian cities. After our coaching sessions, I learned how to best market my skills during the interview process. That, combined with her strategic knowledge of the process, helped me land my dream articling job on Bay Street!

~ Law Student, Articling 2019/2020

When I first connected with Catherine, I was going through a difficult employment period. My confidence was low and I did not see any possibility of recovering anytime soon. Catherine, on the other hand, was optimistic and helped me create goals to get me back on my feet. She encouraged me not to ruminate over the past and reminded me that playing into assumptions would be my downfall. And she had the best quote to get me started! In less than two weeks, I am now employed with an organization that aligns more with my interests, and I must say, had it not been for Catherine’s unwavering support, especially when I continued to doubt my own merit, I do not believe I would be employed where I am now. 

~ Administrator

When embarking on a career change, sometimes all you need is one person in your corner giving you the confidence to make the leap--someone who has a wealth of experience, and an understanding of the difficulties you face when striking out on a new path. Catherine was that person for me. I met her when I was in the middle of making a career and life change, and she not only made me feel like I was capable of succeeding, but took the time to get to know me as a person, making sure I was doing what was right for me. She is not only patient, caring, and knowledgeable, but a truly incredible person. Anyone would be lucky to have Catherine in their corner.

~ Lawyer (2018 call)

Catherine is a fantastic coach and a pleasure to work with. I came into the sessions with a lot of ideas and Catherine did a fantastic job of focusing me on what makes me happy and helped me identify what I value most in a job. She also has a fantastic network of people from her previous positions and was amazing at finding people who would be willing to chat about their roles and experiences. It was a great experience and I definitely recommend her if you are looking to make a change, but are having trouble starting! 

~ Lawyer (2016 call)

Catherine is truly exceptional. Her knowledge of the Toronto (and Canadian) legal market and legal recruitment process is unparalleled, and she is insightful, passionate about helping others, responsive to all communications, and a wise advisor. I contacted Catherine with a specific goal, and found Catherine to be goal oriented, offering counsel that was easily actionable and immensely helpful. Catherine exceeded my expectations in every domain and was an effective coach that understood my specific aspirations, and worked with me to achieve them. Catherine has passion for her job, exudes energy, and I also found her to be a great source of motivation. These qualities made Catherine a true pleasure to work with. 

~ Internationally Trained Lawyer

Catherine is patient, kind and empathetic, with an ability to connect with an individual and get a sense of what approach works for that person. In the short amount of time I spent with her, I felt that she really heard me and my frustrations, and was able to provide realistic, proactive advice moving forward in my job hunt to produce results. Being held accountable helped me to get back on track with my job search. I could not be more grateful to Catherine and will certainly recommend her wholeheartedly to others.

~ Internationally Trained Lawyer, 2008 NY Call, 2016 Ontario Call

Catherine was awesome! She really understood my situation and I feel 100% more confident in what I am doing and in my ability to obtain an articling position. I learned key aspects of what employers are looking for in the legal world, how to effectively market myself and network, key resume and cover letter creation aspects and what to expect in an interview for an articling position. I cannot begin to explain how much this coaching service helped me in my efforts to find a career path, goals and how to work towards it!

~ Internationally Trained Lawyer, Articling 2019/2020



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